R KyleLynn Floyd

R KyleLynn Floyd

Happy Day TL Crew ✨ My name is R KyleLynn Floyd, and I am excited to open up and share more of the raw+real moments of my life. I reside in Los Angeles, where I am a loving mother to Baaz & Zaire! I come from a loving family and learning how to be the best boy mom I can be while establishing a healthy cross country co-parenting relationship.

I'm an entrepreneur, love connecting the dots, and helping others with branding/marketing. Currently, I am on the journey of taking over my parent's 23-year-old document services business & relaunching my passion project, The Eighteenth Letter (R18). R18 is all about self+love, self+care, and self+preservation.

I have a free spirit, and I am a romantic waiting to be romanced, and totally the wildcard/butterfly of my family. I love family and doing for others. Traveling, reading, cooking, and enhancing myself are extremely important. I am a self-advocate and do my best to bring awareness to rare diseases, racial inequality, and mental health.

Feel free to ask questions below to get to know me better 🤗 I'm an open book. I am looking forward to going on this podcast journey with you all and learning+growing together! I am far from perfect yet so perfectly me.


I’m a big fan, I admire the work you guys are putting in, not only we learn from it but also it educates us about the world we are leaving in. I can only encourage and support the initiatives, thus that’s all we can really do for each other on this earth, I pray that the most high guide you guys to his straight path and shower his blessings upon you through out.
Knowledge is sacred and a powerful tool to possess

Eric Touko

Hey TLC I have to start by saying I absolutely love y’all, I’m from the Seattle area and listen to y’all every week, sometimes I play repeats. I love everything you all stand for and I love taking the advice from the show and playing into my every day life. I have four kids ages 1 (Dallas), 7 (Austin),8 (Antonio), and 12 (Miguel). I have one girl and three boys and my every day life can get pretty hectic. I am newly engaged and have been pregnant my whole adult life. I turned 30 this month and can’t wait to see what 30 holds for my family and I. I would love to be a part of something with you’ll, maybe a show. I have a pretty crazy life story and I’ve been through a lot of hardship in my life but through God and love I have gotten to such a good place and turn my whole life around and I would love to share my story. Wish you’ll well and thank you!
❤️ Samantha Neary

Samantha Neary

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