Shanan Cablayan

Shanan Cablayan

Hey TL Crew!

My name is Shanan Cablayan. I was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. I am currently raising my bright 6-year-old son Parker as a single mother. It's definitely not an easy journey, with many ups and downs, but I'm definitely excited to share the experience I've had over the year as a boy mom/ mom.💛

I am a licensed cosmetologist that has been doing hair for about 11 years now. I studied at Paul Mitchell and currently work  at an upscale salon in Pasadena, where I take day-to-day clients. In addition, I also enjoy creating magic in the Hollywood scene, working on brand shoots, music videos, and experiencing extraordinary opportunities like traveling to Africa to do hair.

I am a very loving Libra, making sure everyone gets a fair chance. Big-time hopeless romantic! I like to think of myself as a people person and spiritual. I love collecting stones and burning sage to get me through both hard & happy times. I hope by tuning into the podcast you will be able to take something away from me to help you through your motherhood journey. 

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